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Knighton is a small battle suburb that is part of the Anti-Traction League. It has fitted itself with an armored shell in the shape of a Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, an ancient armored fighting vehicle. It's population just surpasses 2,000 semi-soldiers, as well as high officials. It has openings in the rear armor for an air harbor, and a higher up airstrip for heavier then air fighters. In the front are two giant snout guns, with headlights positioned a bit lower down. While it does have a shell, in many spots, section fold down to reveal a surplus of gunnery implacements. The jaws are currently being redesigned. It also has one known airship, the War Dove.


Knighton is currently in the process of Operation Polarbear, it is trekking up in the Ice Wastes in search of New Exeter's old suburb, New Ide.

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