Not to be confused with Western Italia, the origional nation and now region of Latinatae

Empire of Latinatae
Latinatae3.PNG Latinatae4.PNG
Flag National Emblem
Anthem: File:LONG CADILLAC A d mac feach HIBOU537 LC06881 LV.ogg
Area controlled by Latinatae shown in dark green; claimed but uncontrolled regions shown in light green.
Area controlled by Latinatae shown in dark green; claimed but uncontrolled regions shown in light green.
CapitalWestern Italia
Largest city Rome
Official languages English, Latin, Italian
Government Dictatorship

Latinatae (Latin-Are-Tay) is the name for the Empire dictated by Kerry Stapleton. It exists during the map Game 5 era, and was founded in Year One. Although it excersises control over most of Europe and North Africa, it also claims the south of Arabia (governed by locals) and Denmark, which they conqured for Ireland along with Scandinavia, but they refused to give it back; therefore, most maps of the empire still mention it.

Foregien RelationsEdit

The country have fair relationships with other countries, and are not at war.


The country have a military alliance with Prussia, built more on trading than political agreement, as they request metala nd galass, resources that are abundant in the empire. In return, Latinatae request fuels, such as Coal and Iron Ore.


The country have a fair relationship with Ireland, although they have had a territory dispute over Denmark, a region claimed by both countries but under the control of Ireland, however, Latinatae have not expressed a wish to controll any more of the empire, although Britan was included in thier origional Grand Plan for Year Fifty.


The country have not officially contacted any other nations, but they do have a signature "Territorial Agreement" system, laid out in Year Two as such:

  • They cannot be conquered by another without a fight by themselves, aided or unaided by ourself;
  • They must use our currency;
  • We may pass through them freely as if they were our own;

Added to this list in Year Five was "No other may freely pass without our permission".


The currency of the city is a Pilcrow (¶), and it rests at the value of around £25.00, but it is not pinned to any currency.

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