This map game will be aimed at staying more realistic, i.e focusing on economy and smaller nations. Mods may make smaller nations at any time but must agree on how they will act.

Current mapEdit

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Decade One Edit

Year oneEdit

The empire of Gulva is established, controlling about 10% of its land claims, as it owns has the whole sea but very little land dominance. It currently has a very basic and ununited economy, relying on farming, although it plans to engage in a democratic process to elect a leader for the next 10 turns (although they may be open to, well, bribes). The parties will be anounced soon. The principal langauge and langauge of international relations is Anglish.

Year two Edit

Through deals with the local landowners, Gulva ensure that they controll all of their territory. (OOC: I'm really ill, might find it hard to come on opr write loads)

Goings-on in the Korean Peninsula have created a new state. Speaking a mixture of classical Korean and Anglish with bits and bats of various other Eastern languages, and inspired by ancient texts from the days of the Three Kingdoms the monarch proclaims the Peninsula to belong to the New Kingdom of Silla. (OOC: Also sick at this end, I know how it feels. Also, using Real HistoryTM as inspiration here.)

Gulva announce that the three parties to stand will be:

  • Party of Progress: Where money is, power is also. Both of these are things that we need.
  • Party of Creation: They say we need power, or they say we need rights. We need cities and land to get those things.
  • Party of Productivity: If we need money, we need producers. The producers should take their own.

Year three Edit

New Silla's royal family, worrying that they might be in a bad light with the people following the actions of previous monarchs, begins to invest the country's fledgling economy into improving the quality of life for the lower classes. These actions have met with mixed responses from the nobility, with some praising King Kun Se-Yoon's response and others angered that they're having to pay more taxes to fund new welfare schemes. (OOC: More Real HistoryTM, from a completely different country and time period though. Also we need to think up a proper research mechanic for developing new technologies.)

(OOC: Why not just copy Alt History's :) I'll try and start to also think of something.)

(OOC: Because using Real HistoryTM is cool. I'll branch into Alt-History's and fiction once I run out of cool RL stuff.)

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