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New Exeter was a Traction City which later went static.


It was Three- Teir traction town, with a detachable 'cloud' above it holding the mayor's mansion and a network of 

File:New Exeter.png

tunnels below it.. It moves by maens of powerfull magnetic levetation engines, and has small jaws big enough to consume a static settelment or small village.

The two transport systems where an elevator system, linking the three teirs, and an airship 'taxi' service linking to cloud nine (and in rarer cases, flying towns and airships)

It had one suburb, known as New Ide. A second suburb, by the name of Knighton, is in the process of pledging alligance to New Exter. Its future plans are unknown at the moment.


New Exeter is now a Static settelment, built to the street plans of its predecessor, Exeter.

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